From Zero to EASA part FCL (ATPL-Frozen)

Access to a global airline labor market

Become an EASA accredited pilot against the same costs as in South Africa and qualify for becoming a co-pilot and captain with global operating airlines.

Within on average 16 months a student can become an EASA accredited Part FCL CPL/IR/MEP ATPL holder (Frozen ATPL). Depending on the available budget the theoretical part can be done either in Europe or in the home country through distance learning. The theoretical training is done through Bristol GS approved interactive-video training, slide presentations, progress tests and sample exams.

After about 6 months the practical training will start and will take another 10 months of 225 hours training. Single and multi piston airplanes training and FNPT II simulator training with Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) is part of the practical training. MCC is a requirements to be able to fly for European airlines. After the training the student pilot will have done 75 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) and have completed visual and instrument flight rules. The course ends with the Jet Orientation Course (JOC). The JOC is beneficial for those who are looking for a job with an international airliner.


Before students can start they will have to do a Compass pilot assessment to avoid disappointment in pursuing a pilot career. Not every person is build to be a good pilot.

Entry requirements

  • EASA Medical class 1
  • Minimum age 18
  • Sufficient knowledge of English
  • Matric or tertiary education with mathematics
  • Successful Compass assessment

Pi-Flight also offers mathematics course for students who are not yet full competent

Total costs depends on preference for distance learning or residential in Europe.
Fees are including travel and accommodation and will be provided on request.