The EASA accredited ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) “ab initio’ prepares for a job at major global airlines as co-pilot and after 1500 hours of flight hours as captain. The EASA program is most widely recognized globally. The program can be finalized in about 18-20 months. The program takes place in South Africa and Europe. 

Phase 1 Selection

The globally used compass selection tool for pilots will give you good insight in your suitability as a pilot. The assessment saves costs and avoids disappointment in a later stage of your training. An interview will be part of the selection phase. We offer brush up courses in mathematics. Location: Johannesburg South Africa. 

Phase 2 Theory

Through a combination of distance and classroom learning you will get your EASA ATPL theory in about 7 months. 14 subjects and 800 hours of classroom learning. Experienced pilots/instructors will provide support. Location: Johannesburg, South Africa. Examination in Brussels, Belgium. 

Phase 3 Practical Flight training

In Southern Europe (Spain, Greece, Portugal) your practical flight training will take place. The practical training will comprise 225 hours and takes 12-13 months. 134 hours on single piston airplanes, 11 hours on multi piston and 80 hours simulation including the Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course. MCC is a requirement to fly with European airlines. We offer as well the Jet Orientation Course (20 hours). The student pilot will have completed 72 pilot in command (PIC) hours and 140 IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) hours. Visual Flight Rules (VFR) are covered as well.

EASA accredited Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with instrument rating (IR), ‘frozen’ Airline Transport License (ATPL) including Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC).


Phase 4 Job orientation and type rating

After your licensing optional type rating courses can be followed to increase the chances on the labor market. Type rating courses are mostly paid for by interested airlines. You will be prepared for the labor market through out Pilot Career support program consisting of portfolio building, job interview preparation and optional job mediation with an airline. 

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