PI-Flight academy launches unique offer for African pilots

PI-Flight, part of the PI company group with over 10 years of experience in international training and educational programs, launched per the 1st of January 2019 her EASA accredited ‘Frozen ATPL’ for commercial pilots. The company is proud to offer a service dearly needed for an African market.

Why start a program based upon the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) accreditation and not using the South African accreditation for the African market?

Pilots who acquired their CPL (commercial pilot license) in South Africa (CAA accredited) need to obtain 1500 hours of flight time before they can transfer their CPL to an ATPL which basically is the opportunity to be a captain. Most South African airlines and in other African countries as well, require those 1500 hours even before flying as a co-pilot.

But surely the costs are way higher?

Actually they are not, because we found a perfect combination between distance learning (EASA ATPL theory) and practical training in Southern European countries, the costs can be capped to the same and even below the level of costs in South Africa. For some programs the costs even include accommodation and travel for the international part of the program. The student only has to make sure he or she has a monthly amount for food and drinks. 

And what about that EASA accreditation?

The EASA accreditation gives immediate access to global operating airlines because of its high standard. This will open up an enormous labor market for African pilots. For getting the 1500 hours of flight time its normal to start as a co-pilot. So that makes it way easier to in the end get your ATPL. Furthermore because of the demand for pilots, work permits are not difficult to obtain.

How could you service current CAA CPL holders?

Specifically for them we have a conversion program which makes it possible to obtain their EASA ‘Frozen’ ATPL within 6 months.

How do I know I will succeed before I spend a lot of money on this program?

PI Flight uses Compass, the most widely used pilot assessment with a high predictability if a person will be able to be a good pilot.

Where can I get more information?

Send us through the contact form a message with your needs and questions.