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Access to a global airline labor market.

This program offers pilots the opportunity to obtain the EASA Part-FCL (Frozen ATPL) and operate as co-pilot on a multi pilot, multi engine airplane in commercial air transportation. The pilot will be awarded the EASA Part FCL CPL/IR/MEP- with ATPL Theory credit. This will qualify the pilot to fly with large airlines around the globe as a co-pilot and build 1500 hours of flight experience in order to qualify as a captain. The EASA accredited license is worldwide recognized.

The program will take place in South Africa (Johannesburg) and Europe. ATPL Theory will be done through distance learning with monthly classroom sessions in Johannesburg or webinars for students outside South Africa. The minimum amount of time for the Theory is 3 months. Exams and refreshing course (1 week) will take place in Brussels (Belgium).

The flight training comprises a total of 30 hours including conversions for CPL, MEP class rating and IR. 10 hours on single engine airplanes, 5 hours on multi engine piston airplanes and 15 hours on FNPT II flight simulator. The course can be completed in 2-3 weeks and will be done in Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal or Greece).

Pre-entry requirements

  • EASA Medical (class 1) certificate
  • At least 200 hours total flight time
  • At least 100 hours as PIC
  • At least one X-country trip 300 NM The EASA Medical will be offered in Europa after selection.


An Advanced Compass assessment is part of the program. The Advanced Compass assessment is globally used to assess suitability to work as an airline pilot. The assessment will take place in Johannesburg (South Africa). Assessing prevents spending money without a result.

Fees are including travel and accommodation and will be provided on request.

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